Senses Walk Week

Well it’s summer holidays and us Everwild girls are spending some beautiful quality time together. Yes – we are always together being homeschoolers, but there’s something different about waking up, the sun is warm and bright and there’s no expectation at all on the day.
That makes my heart full.

We ventured out into the woods, a very unofficial nature walk. It was amazing. The following is from one of the most inspiring books for families,

We cannot give our children wonder, curiosity, or a desire to learn. Children are born with these things. Wonder is the birthright of every child. It’s the natural tendency to look at the world and want to explore it. Wonder is triggered by beauty, by new discoveries and by imaginations. Children live in a constant state of wonder. They’re always learning, exploring, and discovering new things.

Ainsley Armant – Call of the Wild & Free.

If we are going to raise wild and free children, we are going to have to be wild and free Mamas & Papas. So I encourage you to go exploring! Go walk through the forest with no expectations. Discover the giant trees, the small mushrooms, the soft moss. Dip your hands and feet in the streams. Breathe in the forest air and stop to notice the tiny, peaceful hustle and bustle of the natural world around.

Love Kirsty xxx

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